Twenty years ago, John V. Frangioni, M.D., Ph.D. began his career and a lifelong journey towards a single goal: to alleviate the suffering of millions of people, families, and animals from the devastating effects of cancer. To do so, he wondered how we could force cancer to reveal itself to researchers, physicians, surgeons, and veterinarians while minimizing the impact on the patient.

One of his innovations has the potential to revolutionize the way surgery is performed. The FLARE® system uses near-infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye but penetrates millimeters through blood and tissue. Special compounds, called FLARE® contrast agents, are then injected into the bloodstream to highlight tumors, blood vessels, nerves, lymph nodes, glands, etc. In fact, two different objects can be highlighted simultaneously, enabling surgeons to resect tumors while avoiding normal structures, all in real time.

Although holding two full Professorships at Harvard Medical School at the time, Dr. Frangioni moved his laboratory to Curadel in June of 2014 to accelerate the translation of his innovations to the patients who need them most. Curadel continues its research and development efforts in the field of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.

Curadel ResVet Imaging (CRV) is one of two subsidiaries of Curadel. Its products are intended for research and veterinary applications. Researchers use Lab-FLARE® technology to track stem cells, develop new surgical techniques, monitor tissue regeneration, and a host of other biomedical applications. Veterinarians will soon have access to Vet-FLARE® technology to ensure that animals, and especially pets, receive the highest quality of care possible.”

Curadel Surgical Innovations (CSI) is the second subsidiary of Curadel. CSI’s imaging systems and contrast agents are intended for clinical applications. The era of performing surgery “blindly” is about to end, and FLARE® technology will light the way. After all, Seeing is Curing®. Curadel Surgical Innovations (CSI) is the second subsidiary of Curadel. CSI’s imaging systems and contrast agents are intended for clinical applications.

Three companies…one core ideology:

We exist to alleviate suffering™

Recent Innovations

Angewandte Chemie

angwandte chemie

Frangioni Laboratory develops geometrically-balanced, electrically-neutral, polyionic polymethine indocyanines (aka zwitterionic) near-infrared fluorophores. Learn more.

nature biotechnology

nature biotechnology

Zwitterionic near-infrared fluorophores are shown to improve biomedical imaging of small molecule, peptide, peptidomimetic, antibody, and protein based contrast agents. Learn more.

nature medicine


Frangioni laboratory pioneers the concept of “structure-inherent targeting” for near-infrared fluorescent contrast agents, creating single bifunctional molecules with both molecular targeting and optical contrast. Learn More

Product Announcements From Our Subsidiaries

Curadel ResVet Imaging  announces Ligand-Match™, a revolutionary NIR fluorophore labeling system for biomolecules.