In the News

The following section details television, radio, and print stories on Dr. Frangioni and his laboratory produced by various media outlets:


November 17, 2015Curadel was recently featured in the November issue of Laser Focus World. The article “Advanced surgery: NIR fluorescence guidance arrives” highlights Curadel’s efforts to improve the surgery experience by allowing the unseeable to be seen with FLARE® technology
November 5, 2015Curadel is proud to announce the availability of ultra-pure, iodide-free indocyanine green (ICG) for laboratory research studies. Being >95% pure and iodide free by Schoniger combustion, Curadel's ICG is the ideal reagent for use in in vitro and in vivo studies. Available in 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 mg sizes.
September 2, 2015Curadel ResVet Imaging launches both its Lab-FLARE® imaging system product line and its Lab-FLARE® contrast agent product line at the World Molecular Imaging Congress in Honolulu, HI.
August, 2015Manager of Operations Minessa Konecky to receive the 2014 SRA International Annual Meeting Outstanding Current Session Award at the 2015 SRA International Annual Meeting.
March, 2015Curadel reaches the semi-finalist round of the Smaller Business Association of New England Innovation Awards.
November 2014Dr. Frangioni is appointed to the Board of Trustees of the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS). The WMIS sponsors the World Molecular Imaging Congress, which brings together the European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI), and the Federation of Asian Societies for Molecular Imaging (FASMI). The WMIS is led by senior academic and industry professionals who have widely recognized expertise in molecular imaging.
February 2015Dr. Frangioni is chosen to present the Keynote Address to open the Educational Symposium of the World Molecular Imaging Congress. His talk will focus on the first principles of molecular imaging and contrast generation in biomedical imaging.

Print Publications

DateMedia OutletTitleWriter
02/03/04Boston GlobeCook, Gareth
03/25/04SciencentralCancer DetectorsLurie, Karen
02/08/05SciencentralQ-Dots for CancerHager, Emily
08/28/08Popular ScienceSurgery By Numbers: A New Imaging Technology May Make Surgeons' Jobs a Little Easier.Daley, Jason
09/01/08Boston GlobeMeeting the Minds: Bioengineer John Frangioni, OR Device Inspired by the Bionic ManBaker, Billy
06/12/09Popular ScienceCut-by-Color Surgery: Dyes Pinpoint Cancer, Make it Easier to RemoveBinns, Corey
10/14/08SciencentralHighlighting CancerGramza, Joyce
Fall 2008Siemens AG Pictures of the Future: The Magazine for Research and InnovationThe Future of Medical ImagingPease, Arthur
Summer/Fall 2009National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) ReporterBuilding Critical Resources for Health and Economic GainBonetta, Laura
01/04/10MDLinxIntraoperative localization of insulinoma and normal pancreas using invisible near-infrared fluorescent lightWiner, JH, et al.
01/01/10BiophotonicsDesign Innovation in Biomedical SystemsFisher, Anne L.
11/08/10Boston GlobeStudy tracks benefits/risks of nanoinvadersJohnson, Carolyn
05/22/11Boston GlobeBoston Globe Top 100 Innovators. Named number three innovator in the field of medicine.


October, 2008National Public RadioJellyfish Protein Researchers Win Chemistry NobelDiscussion of Nobel Prize in Chemistry won by Roger Tsien
10/17/08Bavarian Public TelevisionDangerous Calcification.
12/10/08Insider MedicineIn the Spotlight
12/10/08Insider MedicineIn the Spotlight
12/10/08Insider MedicineIn the Spotlight
2010Robotic Chemistry System for the Discovery of Cancer-Specific Targeting LigandsChemAxon 2010 US User Group Meeting, Boston, MA
03/26/10Global Medical News Network.FLARE for Cancer2010 Annual Meeting of the Society for Surgical Oncology, St. Louis, MO.
03/04/10Society of Surgical OncologyImage-Guided Cancer Surgery Using Invisible Near-Infrared Fluorescent Light63rd SSO Annual Cancer Symposium (2010)