Curadel prides itself on solving important problems in medicine and biology through innovation. In fact, over the last two decades, Dr. Frangioni has already been issued 16 US patents (see below) with many more still in review. These patents protect imaging systems, contrast agents, and materials used in biomedical imaging.

US PatentName
8,620,410Multi-channel medical imaging system
8,473,035Medical imaging systems
8,386,015Integration of micro and macro information for biomedical imaging
8,357,350Annulus fibrosus detection in intervertebral discs using molecular imaging agents
8,229,548Medical imaging systems
8,139,831System and method for unsupervised detection and gleason grading of prostate cancer whole mounts using NIR fluorscence
7,993,927Histology methods
7,794,394Device for wavelength-selective imaging
7,759,625Systems and methods for multimodal imaging using a volumetric representation of an object
7,394,053Systems and methods for multi-modal imaging having a spatial relationship in three dimensions between first and second image data
7,374,746Non-isotopic detection of osteoblastic activity in vivo using modified bisphosphonates
7,288,759Tissue-like phantoms
7,181,266Materials and methods for near-infrared and infrared lymph node mapping
6,875,886Modified PSMA ligands and uses related thereto
6,869,593Non-isotopic detection of osteoblastic activity in vivo using modified bisphosphonates
5,069,773Electrophoretic gel forming system 

In addition, please view the following pages to see how we’ve turned these inventions into new technology for biomedical imaging and pathology: